Behind the Scenes Stories of TOKERO – Part 2


Translated by Elena-Octavia Mateescu

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Sabin Simionescu – The man with an outside-the-box vision

Moving on with a new article in the series „Behind the Scenes Stories of TOKERO”, and today it's about a very special person to me, but not only to me. Whoever gets to work with him and really wants to thrive, will certainly look up to him as an extraordinary source of inspiration.

Before I go into more detail about him, let me remind you that this series is dedicated to the people behind the hard work, who tell and carry the TOKERO story forward in a special way. Through these articles, I want to bring them into the online spotlight, even through a few written lines. Find the first article in this series, about the man who started the TOKERO story – here.

The man with an outside-the-box vision

Even if the media/press doesn't talk about all he has managed to build, the facts certainly do. It's about the man behind the keyboard, where the magic actually happens: Sabin Simionescu, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of TOKERO – one of the best business developers in Romania, with extensive experience in Web, Crypto and Blockchain.

The journey and the specialization meant hard work in development and self-education. Sabin is the one who single-handedly created the first 3 versions of the cryptocurrency exchange platform, known at that time as LDV Exchange. In order to develop a successful project, it was necessary for him to specialize in related fields such as accounting, marketing and law, so that he could have as clear a view as possible of the whole field he had taken on. This specialization outside the IT area now makes him come up with "out-of-the-box" ideas when faced with continuous challenges that polish a business in an emerging niche. The initial IT specialization renders him the mental structure to thoroughly understand every process and step required, so that the result propels the business forward.

Who is Sabin Simionescu?

For Sabin, the 0101 world* adventure started at an early age. Whether he was touching a keyboard for the first time at the age of 4, he was already writing his first lines of programming code at 12. At 16 he got his first job – working for an international company that made custom software in the US. With practically 20+ years of experience in software development and 10+ years of entrepreneurship, Sabin is preparing to shift to mentoring and raising a new generation of exceptional professionals, trained in integrated thinking and focused on evolution.

He graduated from the Faculty of Automatics, Computers and Electronics in Craiova, where he was also an assistant professor for 3 years. At just 21 he started his own freelancing company for software and web application development, and at 28, together with Marius Morra, he set up the LDV Exchange technology start-up, rebranded as TOKERO Crypto Exchange in May 2021.

He currently coordinates the technical and business development sides of the TOKERO business, supported by a team of over 20 people.

Sabin sees blockchain technology as a solution to many of the social and economic problems of the 21st century and is actively involved in increasing the adoption of the first major implementation: cryptocurrencies.

Crypto for today, intellectual property for tomorrow, then physics, then legislation. The way he sees the blockchain field evolving, the list only goes up to 2030. Then even more interesting things follow.

“The age of money is over. We've built something better.” – Sabin Simionescu

Marius Morra and Sabin Simionescu

*0101 world – expression referring to the IT field.