2 year anniversary webinar

How the best asset of 2019 will perform this year and why Bitcoin still has a lot to show!

Time goes by sometimes without us feeling it, that's how the 2 years since we started this project at the cryptocurrency exchange LDV Crypto Bank. There were many challenges, obstacles that we overcame, situations that we did not expect many times, but here we are. We had the opportunity at our anniversary webinar to showcase our story behind the LDV Crypto Bank brand, to get to know each other a little, to answer questions and to set the next topics for discussion in the upcoming meetings.

The hour may not have been ideal for most of you, so we provide you the recording here on the page. There are many areas of interest in the blockchain area that we would like to know about, so in the coming weeks we will hold such live meetings. Even though our approach may have seemed rather general to begin with, we want you to know that we felt great with you at the webinar and will come back with different clarifications to your questions, as promised.

2 year anniversary webinar

We are celebrating 2 years since launching this project and we want to celebrate with you in our first webinar.

Join us in this online event and:

  • you will meet the people behind the LDV platform
  • you will find many details inside the crypto world
  • we will discuss about digital currency transactions, both online and cash at Crypto Spots
  • you can ask anything in the Q&A session

The crypto world is fascinating, and blockchain technology will be the basis of a revolution in economics, business and even in the area of personal data and privacy.

Come join us live and find out what plans we have for this revolution!

When: Saturday March 28th, 2020
Time: 16:00 (Eastern European Time (Bucharest))
Duration: 01:00:00
Where: Zoom Meetings
Language: Română

The event is over.
See the event recording and summary above.