TOKERO PRO, a select club, full of opportunities!

The TOKERO PRO Program is created especially for people who know how to recognize a good offer and make the most of opportunities.

THE BENEFITS of the TOKERO PRO Program are as follows:


There are time-consuming situations. But there are also tips that avoid those situations.

TOKERO provides support services for any situation related to account and trading.

From today, you have a dedicated account officer whom you can confidently call when you need and who will be happy to guide you into the fascinating crypto world.


The tips are the same in any language, but they are easier to understand in your language.

TOKERO also provides support in Romanian, and in English.

3. Large FIAT Off-Ramp

Fiat Ramp ON – euro deposits are simple and available to everyone.

FIAT OFF-RAMP instead, the moment you get profits, it often becomes an adventure. With TOKERO PRO you have all the support so that you get your money out safely, quickly and with minimal effort, while optimizing taxes and fees.

4. Perhaps the most important advantage of TOKERO PRO: you are the first to have access to valuable information, especially new project listings.

In crypto, the right time and the right place are the most important factors in the equation.

TOKERO PRO gives you access to premium, emerging, potential-filled projects, long enough before listing on other platforms.


Crypto is based on information, but also on intuition. And intuition can be developed.

TOKERO PRO offers an included online seminar, once every 3 months, about crypto, trading and everything new and of interest.


Once every few months, you are our guest at live events with special guests, current figures from the Crypto world. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to specialists in the field and actively participate in debates.

How to become a TOKERO PRO member:

a) you make an exchange transaction volume of over 50,000 EUR in the last 12 months;
b) you contribute to the growth of the crypto community by bringing to TOKERO a minimum of 10 affiliates who have reached the full KYC account stage (uploaded identity document, selfie with identity document in hand and account statement);

We are glad to be able to offer you this benefit package and encourage you to make the most of it! We live the most beautiful times in which we could live, we can develop beautifully and harmoniously and we have access to useful, cutting-edge information.
A good move, an inspired investment, can radically change your life for the better. And yes, TOKERO PRO is your source of inspiration!

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