How to transfer EUR from your Revolut account to Tokero?


If you do not have an account on the Tokero Crypto Exchange platform, please visit this page in order to see how to create one.

To make a payment from Revolut you need to follow these steps:

1 After logging in to the Tokero site, go to the My Account - Deposit section: Go to the My Account - Deposit section:
2 Select Deposit EUR. Here is the information for the bank transfer. You will use this information when you will reach step 5:
3 Open the Revolut app on your phone and select [Payments] from the bottom menu:
4 Click the [→ Send] button:
5 Click the [+ New] button and then [Add a bank recipient] (Business).
In this form you will add the information from step 2. After making sure that the information you entered is correct, select [Add recipient] to continue.
6 To make a payment to the Tokero platform write down the amount you want to deposit, the 8-character code you find on the Tokero platform deposit page and then click the [Continue] button in the menu below:
7 All you have to do now is wait for the money transfer from the Revolut account to the Tokero account, which is very fast.

Create a new account

Secure passwords must include:

  • Both lowercase and UPPERCASE letters
  • 1 or more digits
  • + some form of special sign
  • and must be > 8 characters long