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On the horizon of the gaming industry, a revolutionary platform has arisen - Sleepless AI. This innovative platform seamlessly blends the worlds of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, forging a trailblazing path in the realm of Web3+AI gaming.

Sleepless AI is on a mission to transform the gaming landscape with its fresh approach and the extensive know-how of its seasoned team. At the heart of this project lies the aim to craft emotionally-charged AI companion games that deliver unparalleled emotional support and immersive gaming experiences.

This groundbreaking platform seeks to reshape the gaming industry by flawlessly weaving together the latest advancements in AI and blockchain technologies, ushering in a new era of gaming experiences that are both emotionally rich and technologically sophisticated.


Sleepless AI is a unique gaming platform that combines AI and blockchain technology to create an immersive companionship experience. The project's innovative approach aims to provide players with an experience that closely mirrors authentic emotional companionship. With HIM and HER, Sleepless AI has taken a revolutionary step in gaming, weaving AI into the fabric of a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend's interactions with the player. The platform's native utility token, $AI, is used for a variety of functions:

Top-up discount: $AI holders can have a top-up discount with in-game tokens.

In-game purchase: $AI can be exchanged for in-game tokens, which can be used to purchase clothes, accessories, upgrade cards, etc.

Governance: $AI token holders can vote on gameplay governance decisions, including prioritizing in-game item upgrades (e.g upgrade accessories from SR to SSR), or to decide future Accessories/New Boyfriend Types.

Fee Accrual: users who stake $AI can accrue transaction fee income based on their governance weight.

In-game PK: used for users who stake $AI to vote for their own boyfriends/girlfriends to compete, with the winner receiving more rewards.

The project consists of the following major components working in conjunction:

  • After users enter the world of HIM/HER, they will be assigned a non-tradable SBT, which will represent their virtual boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Users can interact with their virtual boyfriend/girlfriend through a website or app, engaging in activities like conversing, changing outfits, and feeding him/her.
  • He/she will become an integral part of your daily life, serving as a reminder of the weather, a daily alarm clock, and even accompanying you to sleep.
  • The project's flagship releases are HIM and HER, which mark a revolutionary step in gaming. It intricately weaves AI into the fabric of a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend's interactions with the player, encompassing nuanced dialogue, dynamic personality sculpting, and engaging interactivity. This innovative approach aims to provide players with an experience that closely mirrors authentic emotional companionship.


As many other crypto projects, Sleepless AI's team is not public. But the project garnered community's attention and confidence when big names like Binance Labs, Folius Ventures and Foresight Ventures invested during the Private Sale round. The project has raised $3.7M USD from three rounds of private token sales, and the latest valuation is $200M.


Sleepless AI stands as a pioneering force at the forefront of the gaming industry. Through its ingenious fusion of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, it has redefined gaming experiences, introducing emotionally-charged AI companions that offer unparalleled support and immersion. 

By flawlessly integrating AI and blockchain advancements, Sleepless AI has ushered in a new era of gaming that is both emotionally enriching and technologically sophisticated. With its unique utility token, $AI, and flagship releases like HIM and HER, Sleepless AI has transformed gaming into a realm where players can forge deep emotional connections with virtual companions, marking a revolutionary leap forward in the world of gaming and technology.

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For more information about Sleepless AI and their products, please visit their official website:

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