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Injective is a blockchain built for finance. It is an open, interoperable layer-one blockchain powering next-generation DeFi applications, including decentralized spot and derivatives exchanges, prediction markets, lending protocols and more.

The Injective ecosystem includes 100+ projects and over 150,000 community members globally. Injective is backed by a group of prominent investors such as Binance, Pantera Capital, Jump Crypto and Mark Cuban.


At the heart of Injective Protocol lies its innovative layer one blockchain, which ensures high-speed and low-cost transactions without compromising security or decentralization. Injective provides a next-generation, highly interoperable smart contract platform based on CosmWasm, with advanced interchain capabilities. Injective is custom built with the Cosmos SDK and utilizes Tendermint-based Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, providing instant transaction finality with the ability to sustain lightning-fast performance (10,000+ TPS).

Injective uniquely provides powerful core financial infrastructure primitives that applications can leverage, including a fully decentralized MEV-resistant on-chain orderbook. In addition, all forms of financial markets such as spot, perpetual, futures and options are fully on-chain. The decentralized cross-chain bridging infrastructure is compatible with Ethereum, IBC-enabled blockchains and non EVM chains such as Solana.

Injective Protocol supports a diverse array of financial products, including decentralized spot trading, perpetual swaps, futures contracts and more. These products are governed by smart contracts and are accessible to users globally, regardless of geographical restrictions or intermediaries. The platform also provides extensive cross-chain capabilities, allowing users to trade assets across different blockchain networks.

One of the core features of Injective Protocol is its focus on community governance. Users who hold the native token, INJ, have the power to participate in important protocol decisions, such as proposing and voting on upgrades and protocol parameters. This ensures that the platform evolves in a decentralized manner, aligning with the interests and values of its community.

The team:

Injective Protocol boasts a talented and experienced team with diverse backgrounds in blockchain technology, finance and computer science. The project was co-founded by Eric Chen, Mirza Uddin and Albert Chon. Their expertise and vision have been instrumental in the development and success of Injective Protocol. Additionally, the team has attracted advisors and collaborators from leading blockchain projects, further strengthening the project's credibility and growth potential.


Injective Protocol is an open and interoperable layer-one blockchain designed for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. With its powerful core financial infrastructure and innovative features, including a decentralized on-chain orderbook and cross-chain compatibility, Injective provides a fast, low-cost, and secure platform for spot and derivatives exchanges, lending protocols, and prediction markets. The platform's community governance model, driven by the INJ token holders, ensures decentralized decision-making and aligns with the interests of its users. With a talented team and strong industry support, Injective Protocol is poised to shape the future of DeFi by empowering users, eliminating intermediaries, and expanding financial opportunities globally.

For more information about Injective Protocol and their products, please visit their official website:

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