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On October 31, 2023, Celestia, the world's pioneering data availability blockchain network, marked a significant milestone by launching its mainnet. This groundbreaking project introduces a novel concept in the blockchain space known as blockchain modularity. By separating essential blockchain functions, Celestia aims to provide an innovative infrastructure for developers while addressing key scalability challenges.


Celestia distinguishes itself as a modular blockchain network, offering developers the foundation to construct and maintain blockchains efficiently. This unique network can serve as both a data availability and consensus layer for other blockchains.

As a data availability layer, Celestia enables blockchains to securely publish their transactions, helping to maintain the efficiency of their nodes. Meanwhile, as a consensus layer, Celestia's network of nodes plays a crucial role in validating and verifying stored data.

The launch of Celestia's mainnet in October 2023 is seen as the inauguration of the "modular era" within the blockchain industry. Blockchain modularity, the concept of separating fundamental blockchain functions, promises to optimize blockchain infrastructure for scalability, enhance developer deployment speed, and facilitate the creation of new blockchains and decentralized applications.

Celestia released its native cryptocurrency called TIA alongside its main net launch on 31 October 2023. The project had earmarked 60 million TIA tokens (6% of total supply) to be airdropped during genesis to developers, researchers, highly-active stakers, and addresses on Ethereum, Ethereum rollups, Cosmos, and Osmosis. TIA token will be used for gasfees, security network, and governance.


Mustafa Al-Bassam is a British computer security researcher, hacker, co-founder, and CEO of Celestia Labs. He is known for co-founding the hacker group LulzSec in 2011, which was responsible for several high-profile breaches. He later co-founded Chainspace, a company implementing a smart contract platform, which was acquired by Facebook in 2019. In 2021, Al-Bassam completed his PhD in computer science from University College London with a thesis on Securely Scaling Blockchain Base Layers. Forbes listed Al-Bassam as one of the 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs in technology in 2016.

Ismail Khoffi is a research engineer, co-founder, and CTO of Celestia Labs. He has a background in IT security, cryptography, key management, and blockchain infrastructure. Prior to co-founding Celestia Labs, he worked as a senior engineer at Tendermint and the Interchain Foundation.

John Adler is the Chief Research Officer at Celestia Labs. He is also the creator of Optimistic Rollups and a former scalability researcher at ConsenSys.


The launch of Celestia's mainnet was a significant development in the cryptocurrency world. By introducing blockchain modularity and addressing data availability challenges, Celestia aims to reshape the blockchain landscape. It provides an infrastructure that fosters scalability, enhances security, and accelerates blockchain development.

As Celestia embarks on its journey, it remains at the forefront of a rapidly evolving blockchain industry. The promise of modular blockchain technology offers the potential for greater efficiency, scalability, and collaboration among blockchains, ultimately shaping a more accessible and interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

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