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Bittensor, the pioneering decentralized AI company, has caught the eye of AI and computer science enthusiasts worldwide, presenting an alternative to the centralized control of tech behemoths. However, the intricacy of Bittensor's concept has posed a barrier to widespread comprehension.

The arrival of Bitcoin marked a paradigm shift in the world of currency and value systems, bringing forth the concept of a decentralized, unalterable system of shared worth that challenged traditional notions of financial control. Concurrently, a new decentralized digital commodity market emerged, boasting computational power unmatched by even the most established corporations and governments.


Bittensor is essentially a language for creating decentralized commodity markets, or "subnets," unified by a token system. These markets operate within Bittensor's blockchain, forming a cooperative computing infrastructure. Bittensor envisions directing this power towards Artificial Intelligence, democratizing its benefits, and building a bottom-up intelligence network.

For developers, Bittensor offers a language to create markets for custom commodities, leveraging the efficiency of decentralized market systems. End-users gain access to resources at a lower cost, free from intermediaries. Bittensor aims to create a decentralized machine intelligence network accessible to all.

Bittensor's power lies in its abstraction of computational resources underneath markets, allowing for innovative solutions without defining how resources are produced. Developers write incentive mechanisms for subnets, creating a diverse ecosystem of valuable commodities, ultimately leading to intelligence.

Comparing Bittensor to Bitcoin, both systems rely on digital commodity incentive mechanisms. Bitcoin secures its network through a market for compute power, while Bittensor focuses on building various interconnected subnets. Bittensor's innovation lies in enabling multiple incentive systems within a single token framework.

Machine learning models on the network train together in a collaborative process, and are rewarded with TAO based on the information value they contribute to the collective. Additionally, TAO token provides external access, enabling users to extract information from the network and shape its activities to fit their individual needs.

Yuma Consensus (YC) is Bittensor's essential component, enabling consensus among subnets' validators. YC is agnostic, allowing fuzzy consensus around probabilistic truths like intelligence, making it distinct from other blockchain projects.

Bittensor provides decentralized organizations the ability to compete with corporations by offering multiple resource allocation systems under one token framework. Business professionals can build applications powered by intelligence in a decentralized environment.

Developers can monetize ideas for decentralized applications within Bittensor, benefiting from a vast resource pool. Bittensor offers a one-stop-shop for building applications on top of an incentivized infrastructure.

Bittensor's permeability to contribution equates to openness in control. Anyone can own and contribute to the network, fostering innovation and preventing excessive centralization.


At the helm of Bittensor's ambitious mission are its founders and key team members who bring diverse expertise to the project. The core team includes:

Jacob Steeves (Co-Founder): Jacob is one of the co-founders and brings a wealth of knowledge in the fields of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Ala Shaabana (Co-Founder): Ala, another co-founder, is a driving force behind the project's technical development and innovation.

Jacqueline Dawn (Director of Marketing): Jacqueline plays a crucial role in promoting Bittensor's vision and ensuring it reaches a global audience.

Saeideh Motlagh (Blockchain Architect): Saeideh's expertise in blockchain architecture is instrumental in shaping Bittensor's technical infrastructure.

Bittensor's team also comprises around 10 AI developers who contribute their skills and knowledge to the project. This dedicated team forms the backbone of Bittensor, driving its development and growth.


Bittensor is at the forefront of a new era of computing: supercomputers through abstracted markets. It combines the financial innovation of Bitcoin with the world of Artificial Intelligence. The choice lies ahead: centralized control or shared resources through open protocols. Bittensor has the potential to revolutionize AI while democratizing its benefits, shaping a democratic future for humanity and machines alike.

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