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Aptos is a new Layer 1 blockchain that is designed to be fast, scalable, and secure. They generated a lot of buzz back in 2022, when they raised 350 million dollars in two rounds. Binance also made a strategic investment and this event brought even more attention over this project.

One of the unique aspects of Aptos is its focus on "composability", which means that it's designed to work seamlessly with other blockchain networks and applications. This could make it a powerful tool for developers and users alike.

Aptos has been gaining attention in the crypto community for its potential to be a serious competitor to other popular Layer 1 blockchains, such as Ethereum and Solana.


Aptos uses a programming language called Move, which was designed specifically for building secure and reliable smart contracts. Move is designed to prevent common smart contract bugs and vulnerabilities.

Aptos uses a parallel execution engine to run multiple smart contracts in parallel, which helps to speed up transaction processing and reduce network congestion.

Aptos uses a BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus mechanism to ensure that all nodes in the network agree on the state of the ledger, even if some nodes are faulty or malicious. This helps to ensure the security and reliability of the network.

Aptos has its own native token, called APT. APT is used for a variety of purposes within the Aptos network, including payment for transaction fees, incentivizing validators to secure the network, providing liquidity for decentralized exchanges and staking to participate in network governance.


The brains behind Aptos are Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching. Both of them previously worked on the Diem blockchain project at Meta, and when that project was discontinued, they decided to start Aptos Labs to continue working on their shared vision of creating a decentralized, safe, and scalable blockchain network.

The team at Aptos Labs also includes researchers, designers, and engineers who have experience working on blockchain projects. Overall, it seems like the Aptos team is a talented group of individuals with a lot of experience and expertise in the world of blockchain technology.


Aptos has rapidly emerged as a formidable player in the blockchain space, marked by substantial funding and strategic investments. Its focus on composability sets it apart, promising seamless integration with other networks and applications. The adoption of Move, a dedicated smart contract language, and a parallel execution engine showcase its commitment to security and efficiency. With a Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism and the native token APT serving multifaceted roles, Aptos positions itself as a robust contender against established Layer 1 blockchains, signaling potential growth and competition in the crypto landscape.

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