LDV Bank wins 3rd place at Romania Blockchain Summit 2019 Pitch Contest

Posted by Marius Morra, 2019-06-22

Translated by Elena-Octavia Mateescu

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Romania’s vibrant startup scene is a a well-known reality in the broader IT&C sector. To cultivate the same spirit in Romania’s blockchain industry, we must create an environment ripe for innovation. As we fit the puzzle pieces for a blockchain-friendly ecosystem, start-ups are like the tiny sprouts that one day will grow into a large and strong oak – we must support them and give them room to flourish.

With the participation of seasoned mentors and savvy worldwide investors, C.A. Rosetti Hall will become on the 22nd of June the epicentre of tomorrow’s innovations. 20 of the most promising blockchain startups will fight for the chance of winning the RBS’s Grand Prize and the chance to convince top investors to contribute with additional financing.