LDV Bank brings cryptocurrencies to foreign exchange houses

Posted by Marius Morra, 2019-10-16

Translated by Elena-Octavia Mateescu

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LDV Bank has brought cryptocurrencies "to the street corner"!

The first foreign exchange office to buy and sell BITCOIN in an automated workflow was inaugurated today

Nowadays we make extremely fast card payments. We see each other online from thousands of miles away. We send whole picture galleries instantly. We drive cars very long distances. We frequently use technologies without exactly understanding how they work. We use the benefits of these technologies.

The same happens with blockchain and by default cryptocurrencies. Many people do not want to bother with the backend technology or different accounts on cumbersome platforms. They want to simply buy fast, with CASH, safely, any quantity (or almost any quantity) and whenever they want.

To meet these needs LDV Bank launched a service that effectively brings cryptocurrencies to the street corner, greatly simplifying the entire buy/sell processes.

Specifically, through the exchange offices you can find at many street corners around the country, LDV Bank launches Crypto Spots, the places where you can instantly buy and sell BITCOIN and ETHER.

SIMPLE: You don't need an account, just cash / crypto. Also, the transactions are done by a human operator, so the process becomes more friendly and the chances of error decrease to 0%;

FAST: Working only with cash, we have eliminated the time spent on interbank transfers. Also, unlike ATMs, banknotes are not fed one by one, which is annoying and tiring for larger amounts, but they are counted fast using the money counting machine.

CASH: Surprisingly, crypto fans are and will remain big cash lovers. At the exchange offices, only cash transactions will be operated.

SAFE: Crypto Spots by LDV Bank is an alternative to cash exchange groups on Telegram or localbitcoins, a platform that suffers from the lack of any form of physical security offered to customers. Users will no longer meet strangers on back streets or through bars, places where so many have been frequently screwed. They will come to the counter where they will perform their operations safely;

LIQUIDITY: ATMs often face a lack of liquidity. At Crypto Spots you can always find a minimum ceiling of 10.000 EURO, in the equivalent RON amount;

ANYTIME: Unlike banks that do not operate at night and on weekends, and ATMs that are most often installed in shopping centers with business hours between 10.00-22.00, most foreign exchange houses where Crypto Spots by LDV Bank operate NON-STOP.

"Our aim as a procedure is for the user / client not to spend more time in the exchange office than at the ATM", said Marius Morra, CEO of LDV Bank.

Today, LDV Bank has launched the first Crypto Spot in Bucharest, Șerbota Street, No. 1, September 13 area, within the premises of Lucas Exchange, with locations in many other parts of the country following soon.

On the business model used by Alibaba and founder Jack Ma's philosophy, while all other exchanges want to become empires, LDV BANK wants to become an ECOSYSTEM "to empower others", an ecosystem in which foreign exchange offices and other similar entities to be able to offer cryptocurrency buy and sell services.

There have been attempts on such a service in the crypto market before, and the problem was that everything has been rudimentary, without a custom technical solution optimized for the client's needs. Learning from market mistakes, the team of LDV Bank offers a turnkey Business-as-a-Service solution, through which foreign exchange offices can enter the cryptocurrency buy/sell market.

Our solution includes:

  • Already mature online platform;
  • Well-established manuals and procedures;
  • Professional legal and technical support.

"By making our platform available as-a-service, we help them get into this business almost instantly, save time and money from developing their own platforms", ​​says the LDV CTO Bank, Sabin Simionescu. "It was a real challenge to develop the platform in this direction, an unexploited business opportunity so far."

Foreign exchange offices and other similar entities will soon enter the cryptocurrency exchange market and will need software to do so, and at this moment, the best dedicated tool for them is the LDV Bank platform.

For foreign exchange offices it is a very advantageous opportunity because this is way to start a new line of business and revenue, one with great potential and future, besides the traditional currency exchange and money transfer. Also, exchanging cryptocurrencies - a booming field, is a marketing differentiator from the competition in this sector.

LDV BANK, with the web domain https://ldvbank.com/, a project of Globe Monnaie SRL, is the Romanian cryptocurrency exchange present on the market since March 2018, which quickly became through the professionalism of the services offered the first exchange option on the Romanian market.

If you are a foreign exchange office and want to collaborate with us, please send your intention to [email protected].