Cryptocurrency of the day

Posted by Marius Morra, 2018-01-08

Translated by Elena-Octavia Mateescu

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The *CRYPTO* phenomenon is without a doubt the star of the moment and will be for a long time to come.

More and more people are interested in and trading crypto, so I've decided that, starting today, I'm going to do an education rubric in this area, suggestively titled #cryptocurrencyoftheday.

Although IT is not my specialty (but I have an absolutely brilliant team that has answers to any question), I know: what blockchain is, how it became revolutionary, how to make wallets, how to make crypto or crypto deposits, how to transfer and trade, what an ICO is, a white-paper, a roadmap, etc. And what many other 1383 coins exist besides BITCOIN, what many of them do and whether they have a future or not.

And I can pass on the information without sounding too scientific or complicated :)

In the light of what I have listed, I want to make some trading suggestions on a daily basis. Stay tuned!