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Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular globally, with more than 8,800 tradable coins and a market cap of more than $2.33 trillion, according to CoinMarketCap. With this growth, people's interest in investing in cryptocurrencies is also growing.

Noticing this need, we have developed an accessible educational program focused on basic understanding of cryptocurrencies and the first step in trading.

The program, designed with a length of maximum 60 minutes, includes text and video lessons, a guide to setting up a trading account, your first investment, and a quiz to assess your knowledge. It is designed for those interested in exploring this growing field, giving them the opportunity to understand and actively participate in the cryptocurrency market.

Course content

≃  3 min  –  
What are cryptocurrencies? What is Bitcoin?

≃  3 min  –  
Advantages of cryptocurrencies. Case study – Bitcoin. How much is one Bitcoin? What is the minimum amount I can buy Bitcoin for?

≃  4 min  –  
AltCOINS. What is Ethereum, MultiversX, EGLD, Maiar?

≃  3 min  –  
How to get cryptocurrencies? Where to buy? How to produce cryptocurrencies? What is crypto mining?

≃  2 min  –  
How to make money in crypto and where to keep cryptocurrencies?

≃  3 min  –  
Terms frequently used in crypto

≃  4 min  –  
Market monitoring – DEFI, NFT, METAVERSE & WEB3

≃  3 min  –  
Test your knowledge

≃  0 min  –  
Certificate (Diploma)