How to register a Tokero corporate account

The steps for registering a corporate account are:

1 Read the steps and requirements from this page.
2 Complete the form available here: new corporate account registration.
3 After validation of the documents by the Tokero team, a new button will appear in the main menu on the platform in the form of a briefcase, at the top right:
A Tokero Desktop Platform:
B Tokero Mobile:
4 Here you will find all the options of the corporate account, including the trade/deposit/withdrawal options:
A Tokero Desktop Platform:
B Tokero Mobile:

In order to see how to login with a corporate account on Tokero, visit this page.

Create a new account

Secure passwords must include:

  • Both lowercase and UPPERCASE letters
  • 1 or more digits
  • + some form of special sign
  • and must be > 8 characters long