How to create an account on the Tokero Crypto Exchange Platform

To create an account on the Tokero Crypto Exchange platform you must follow the steps below:

2 Check the Inbox and/or Spam section to confirm your email address:
3 Register your personal data on the personal information page. Scroll down after completing all the required information and press the [Save] button to continue:
After uploading all the documents mentioned above, the account is validated by the Tokero team, validation which is done quickly, on average 1-2 hours during working hours.

In order to see how to register a Tokero corporate account, visit this page.

Create a new account

Are you sure that the address you entered is correct? Suggestion:

Secure passwords must include:

  • Both lowercase and UPPERCASE letters
  • 1 or more digits
  • + some form of special sign
  • and must be ≥ 8 characters long
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