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Quant (QNT) is a blockchain project that has emerged as a powerful enabler of blockchain interoperability and the seamless integration of distributed ledger technologies. In a rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape, Quant stands out as a project dedicated to addressing the critical issue of blockchain silos and creating a unified ecosystem.

At its core, Quant's mission is to enable seamless communication and collaboration among various blockchains and distributed ledgers. Blockchain interoperability is a fundamental challenge that has limited the growth and potential of decentralized technologies. Quant seeks to break down these barriers and create a unified framework for the blockchain ecosystem.

Overledger Technology:

Quant's flagship product, Overledger, is the driving force behind its vision of interoperability. Overledger is a blockchain operating system designed to connect different blockchains, enabling the transfer of data and assets between them. This revolutionary technology allows users to interact with multiple blockchains simultaneously, bridging the gap between disparate networks.

Quant's Overledger is blockchain-agnostic, meaning it can connect with various blockchains, including public, private, and permissioned networks. This flexibility ensures that Quant can be adopted across a wide range of industries.

Overledger is compatible with smart contracts, allowing developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) that can interact with multiple blockchains simultaneously. This capability is a game-changer for developers seeking to leverage blockchain capabilities without being confined to a single network.

Quant prioritizes security and compliance, making it a suitable choice for enterprises and government entities looking to harness blockchain technology while adhering to regulatory requirements. Quant also offers the opportunity to tokenize assets and data, making it easier to transfer and exchange various forms of value across different networks.

Quant's technology has applications across multiple sectors, including:

  • Finance: The financial industry benefits from Quant's ability to facilitate cross-border payments, streamline settlements, and enhance liquidity through the tokenization of assets.
  • Supply Chain: Quant can improve transparency and traceability in supply chains, reducing fraud and ensuring the authenticity of products from source to destination.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare sector can use Quant to securely share patient data and medical records across different healthcare providers while maintaining patient privacy and compliance.
  • Government: Governments can leverage Quant's technology for secure, transparent, and efficient public services, such as identity verification and land registries.


Gilbert Verdian, one of the founders of the Quant Network, envisioned the blockchain project while working in the healthcare sector. His focus was on the importance of interoperability in ensuring comprehensive coverage for patients registered on different platforms. Verdian brings over two decades of industry experience in enhancing security, technology, and business strategies on a global scale.

Before his involvement with the Quant Network, Verdian held key positions, including Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Vocalink (a Mastercard subsidiary), Chief Information Officer at NSW Ambulance, CISO at eHealth NSW, and Security Lead at the Ministry of Justice, UK.

The second co-founder, Dr. Paolo Tasca, is a digital economist and entrepreneur specializing in distributed systems. Dr. Tasca has served as a special advisor on blockchain technologies for prestigious institutions like the EU Parliament, the United Nations, and various central banks worldwide. He is also a co-author of multiple fintech books and holds a key role in various crypto projects and institutions.


Quant represents a groundbreaking approach to blockchain interoperability and the integration of blockchain technology into a wide range of industries. Its Overledger technology, coupled with its smart contract compatibility and focus on security, positions it as a powerful player in the blockchain ecosystem. As the blockchain industry continues to mature, Quant's efforts to bridge blockchain silos and create a unified framework are essential steps toward realizing the full potential of decentralized technologies.

For more information about Quant and their products, please visit their official website:

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