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TOKERO Insights: The Impact Crypto Has On Investors' Behaviour

In Romania, do we have more investors in the stock market or in crypto?

Stocks are a traditional form of investment representing ownership of a fraction of the company that issued them, while cryptocurrency investments are a novelty and can be considered riskier.

However, cryptocurrencies have seen real success among forward-thinking individuals and those hoping to get rich faster (compared to the stock market).

  • 4/10 Romanians hold or have held cryptocurrencies in 2022 according to an Ipsos Digital study
  • 96% of Romanian adults with Internet access have heard of cryptocurrencies
  • 84% of Romanians want to buy cryptocurrencies
  • 1M Romanians have invested more than €400 million in cryptocurrencies.

For experienced investors, the two types of investments are a perfect combination for their goal of diversifying their portfolio.

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Impactul crypto asupra comportamentului investitorilor
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The impact Crypto has on investors' behaviour