1 year ago we launched LDV Crypto Bank. Fortunately, we were very welcomed by the community and we received very good feedback.

The only serious problems identified:

  • Low liquidity, even at market price the waiting time depended on the users’ buy/sell orders and could last up to several hours;
  • The reluctant policy of the Romanian banks towards cryptocurrencies. In August 2018, at the peak of our trading activity, ING decided to unilaterally terminate our contract and implicitly closed the account.

Because for us crypto is already a full-time job, we have not given up, but the contrary, we have used the gained experience, user feedback and context and here we are 1 year later with a major upgrade of the platform, an upgrade to solve the problems listed above and make our platform the top crypto exchange option in Romania. In order of importance, at this time, LDV Crypto Bank offers:

  1. LIQUIDITY. 24/24, 7 days out of 7, any order* placed is 100% honored. We have signed conventions with several international market-makers; thus, the problem of liquidity no longer exists;
    Currently, we automatically execute exchanges below the equivalent of 2 BTC/user/day, as the automated exchange and quick deposit / withdrawal flows depend on the amount of money placed by us as a buffer with the international market partners and in Mistertango (our EURO bank partner). As our customer flows grow within 2-3 weeks, we will definitely increase these limits.
  2. RAPIDITY. Exchanges are executed in less than 1 minute. The average waiting time for a transaction is 15-25 seconds!
  3. 0% COMMISSION. No exchange fee is added to the displayed prices. Thanks to our international partners, in at least 90-95% of cases, the LDV Bank price is by far the best price on the Romanian market and comparable to the important foreign markets.
  4. Very fast FIAT DEPOSITS and WITHDRAWALS. To avoid problems similar to the ING situation, we chose a crypto-friendly banking partner, a bank in Lithuania already known by many users in Romania, a fully automated bank - Mistertango. In Romania, Mistertango-Revolut transfers and vice versa take 15-30 minutes. We cannot currently operate on Revolut directly because they do not open business accounts for crypto exchanges at this time.
  5. AFFILIATE SYSTEM. We are the first crypto platform in Romania and one of the few in Europe to reward users for promoting our services. We created a reward program to thank our clients for recommending us. All you have to do is invite other crypto users to register via your customized referral link that you find in your dashboard. Any validated user can generate their own personalized link, available in English and Romanian. From the profits made on your link, you pay a 25% DAILY commission directly to your wallet on the LDV Bank platform
  6. Checking and validating your account very quickly. During 9-21 hours, KYC verification for new users is done within 2 hours.
  7. RAPID SUPPORT. Unlike large exchanges where they often use a standard answering robot, and the solution to a simple problem can take days, at LDV Crypto Bank, you can quickly talk on WhatsApp with CEO Marius Morra, which without exaggeration, is online between 16-18 hours a day.
  8. INTUITIVE AND SIMPLE INTERFACE, designed specifically for new crypto users. With our 5-step system, it is almost impossible to make mistakes. The process of depositing, exchanging and withdrawing is simple and intuitive.
  9. A FULLY RESPNSIVE WEBSITE. We really want to have a dedicated mobile application, and that will definitely be one of the next steps in our development, but until then, our users can enjoy a full-responsive site which looks like an application and makes it easy to access the site on mobile phones. We are one of the very few mobile-first crypto websites, area in which even the big players on the international market sometimes lag behind.
  10. Romanian language pack. Although English proficiency is useful in many situations, many of us in the market do not master it, so in order not to marginalize beginners, but on the contrary, to welcome them into the crypto family, we fully translated the site into Romanian.


With the new platform we tried to maximize for the requirements of the crypto market in Romania at this time, which we identified as an "onboarding/offboarding in/from the crypto market, 95% with BTC and ETH". We chose the parity with EURO because it is the only possibility in which we could automate the process all the way to 100%, the Romanian banks still not providing support for the programable interfaces, not ignoring the unfriendly policy towards cryptocurrencies.

At the moment, exchanges can be made on the new platform only in market-price mode, and in the near future trading features will be added as well. This function is valid on the old platform, where further exchanges with RON are still possible.

OUR EXISTING CLIENTS, whom we thank for being with us since the beginning, can log in to the new version with the old user+password pairs. For 2FA, we invite you to enable it by adding the new version to Google Authenticator. Also, to use the platform, you must upload a EURO account statement for validation, in the picture format (jpeg, jpg, png, <12MB). We do not accept PDF format for security reasons, as into PDF files there can be attached files potentially infected with viruses.

If you have gone through all this information so far, we thank you for your interest and assure you that every day we make every effort to optimize processes and evolve. We designed the platform from a user`s point of view and your satisfaction and feedback are very important to us. We hope the crypto world will bring each of us all the satisfactions we desire.

A "GREEN" spring to everyone!

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