LDV Exchange attracts a round of financing from strategic investors and becomes TOKERO

The Crypto and Blockchain market is witnessing an important change today through the evolution of a made-in-Romania product: LDV Exchange, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Romania, becomes TOKERO. The TOKERO trading platform is the first project of this type that also has a built-in educational component and that aligns Romania globally in terms of user experience, trading speed, safety and product listing. TOKERO will offer users a multitude of opportunities to achieve financial independence, through different types of investments, benefit from a unique team, but also from a substantial investment whose value has not yet been publicized.

In the webinar titled Explore the latest innovative projects in Cryptoland which took place on Tuesday, May 18, at 19:00 and which was moderated by George Buhnici, the founder of the Cavaleria.ro, Marius Morra and Sabin Simionescu, founders of TOKERO, made three important announcements:

  • attracting a first round of investment with strategic investors,
  • the LDV Exchange rebranding in Tokero, which will take place gradually over the next 12 days, and
  • supporting investors who have joined TOKERO
    • Răzvan Munteanu, CEO and co-founder of Stakeborg,
    • Cristian Onețiu, entrepreneur, business mentor and co-founder of Life Care and
    • Avi Cicirean, founder and General Manager of Brand Minds.

A round of investment is a very important step in the life of any start-up because it means first of all confirmations and the fact that we can grow much faster than we have done so far. We wanted these confirmations, they have materialized now, after some intense years of work and we are glad that we have in the team and with us three entrepreneurs so valuable, as a level of experience”, said the CEO and cofounder of TOKERO, Marius Morra.

One of the youngest entrepreneurs and specialists in the field of Crypto and Blockchain in Romania, Morra supports the need for such a platform in Romania, in a growing field: “Our goal with the TOKERO platform is to optimize the trading process and Crypto exchange. And also to support the process of educating and informing all users and those passionate about this technology, in an accessible language, regardless of their experience in the field, professional training or age. The world is evolving, we live in times when progress is made with amazing speed, to make our lives easier. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies come to bring transparency, speed and low costs in a financial system that seems outdated by the speed with which companies evolve. TOKERO means, also by its name, Token Route or in other words the journey of explorers to new areas, to financial independence and opportunities. At the same time, RO means, of course, Romania and that this project, which we want to reach as many places in the world as possible, started here.

In turn, Sabin Simionescu, co-founder and CTO of TOKERO, one of the most appreciated business programmers in Romania, with a long career in computer science and a rich experience in Web, Crypto and Blockchain, adds another element of the uniqueness of the project: the most efficient type of profile entrepreneurship, both as a business and as a technical implementation. „This model of integration that we created as a team, in-house, with minimal initial outsourcing, allowed us to build a product on which we have an in-depth perspective and fast internal communication. Together we can make any decision, directly based on the experience of each of the previous projects. We each specialized in the adjacent fields, accounting, legislation, marketing, investments, and important decisions in the company are made with eyes on indicators, on the data-driven-company model”, attributes that are reflected in predictability, quality of services offered to users, in the increased accessibility to them and in the high standards of development and implementation of the product, in the Crypto economy.

The two creators started from the experience of the LDV Exchange platform, developed together since 2017 and which proved to be a successful technology start-up in Crypto and Blockchain, in Romania. After 4 years, “TOKERO represents a natural step in the evolution of such a project, a rebranding made not only for the growth on the Romanian market, but also to align at European and global level, both in terms of functionality and services and speed, with foreign markets and products", explains Sabin Simionescu.

Regarding the evolution of and investment in TOKERO, Cristian Onețiu states that: „We announced some time ago that we embarked on this journey, in discovering the new Crypto and Blockchain technology and how it can be implemented in the field of entrepreneurship. In addition, I found it necessary and useful to share with other entrepreneurs in our community all the interesting things I discover. And so let's learn and grow together. Investing in TOKERO is for me a natural step in this journey and in one of the most efficient, easy to use and current platforms, which brings us to the same level of trading and development with other countries where Crypto and Blockchain technology are becoming a current reality ”. In his turn, Avi Cicirean states that “blockchain technology is revolutionary. I believe that the promotion of such technological projects can add value to humanity.

What does TOKERO offer and what does it recommend as the newest and most innovative product in Romania, on the Crypto market?

  1. The platform with the best and intuitive user experience, with a simple and easy to access interface. The design has been designed in such a way that any user can learn to use the digital system to trade in a very short time.
  2. Speed ​​of flows and operations
  3. Small trading fees
  4. Launch and regular listing of new cryptocurrency projects
  5. Very prompt customer service - availability, transparency and openness in communicating with customers for any service, both on the platform and on all Social Media channels.
  6. Rigorous process of selection and listing of Tokens & coins, performed by a team of experts who analyze the market and apply to the chosen products a grid of approval factors, based on technology scaling
  7. CInformation component about the new technology through the design, development and integration of the digital finance education project, primacriptomoneda.ro, also created by the Morra and Simionescu team. „This part also came as a need for those who wanted to better understand the phenomenon and who wanted to invest, but who did not know where to start and what. That's why I thought of things as a beginner's course that is available on the platform, for free, and that makes an introduction to the world of Crypto with simple terms, easy to understand and with a practical test, to see exactly how it works., explains Morra.

The TOKERO platform will be implemented gradually, in the coming days, to make a natural transition for current LDV Exchange users, and among the news announced now, the first will be the listing of a stablecoin token – Tether (USDT).

Those who want to know more details about the new product, can follow the registration of the webinar Explore the latest innovative projects in Cryptoland and can start their first experience in Crypto and Blockchain technology with a team of experts in this field.

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